Steps to Success

  1. Market Research
  2. Product Research
  3. Product Optimization
  4. Brand Store
  5. Discovery
  6. Refinement
  7. Expansion

1. Market Research & Competition Analysis (Research - Explore - Report)


  • What is the current market position?
  • What is product Type?
  • Who are the Competitors?
  • Product Category Essential/Non Essential and Placement?
  • Unique Product and Brand Features?

Target Market

  • Target Audience?
  • What is Market Share?
  • Buyer Behaviour and trends?


  • Who are The competitors?
  • Size of the Competition?
  • Business Model of the Competitors?
  • Competitors Pricing?
  • Are They vendors or sellers?
  • Competitors Marketing Techniques and Approx Ads Spent?

Prime Eligibility

  • Is Your Product Prime Eligible and Wins Buy box?
  • Featured Offers?

2. Keyword Research & Content (Strategy - Training - Transform)

This step focuses on How to Mine and Scout Top keywords for more specific product optimization.


TO find out best search terms means to create a fully optimised listing masterpiece that sells.
Mostly used tools by us are Helium 10, Sonar, Amazon Astro
Amazon Analytics, Google keyword tools.

Product Features

Products specifications and functions. For technical products Usage and specifications is the most important. This step is determining which features should be displayed more prominently for customer’s ease of understanding and improving click to sales conversion.


What Value is delivered for the customer. If the cooling capacity of the Air cooler is the feature, Portable is the benefit. We will express every benefits of the product in the product listing to make conversion rate higher.

3. Product Optimization (Consult - Develop – Plan)

  • Fully Optimised Product Listing Title provides clarity, includes the most relevant keywords & features
  • Bullet Points include the most relevant features and benefits
  • Descriptions provide a complete overview of the product
  • Backend Keywords include all other keywords (without duplication)
  • Product data as complete as possible
  • Main image is policy compliant & high quality
  • 5+ additional high quality images
  • A+ Content
  • 15+ Reviews
  • Average rating of 3.5 stars or better

4. Brand Store (Design - Build – Launch)

Showcase Your Brand Story and Product Lines-

5. Discovery (Gaps- Pendency’s)

Now that your products are ready, you need to create a Promotion and Marketing structure for Amazon Advertising.

6. Refinement (Help - Respond – Update)

  • Bid changes
  • Adding negative keywords
  • Adjusting placement modifiers
  • Switching Dynamic Bidding settings
  • Pausing keywords/categories/ASINs that are not converting into sales.
  • Pausing match types within automatic campaigns
  • Removing under performing products from campaigns
  • Further segmenting your campaign structure

7. Expansion (Growth & Future Plans)

What Type of Agency We are?

  • Amazon Branding Agency
  • Amazon Content Agency
  • Amazon Creative Agency
  • Amazon Advertising Agency
  • Amazon Optimization Agency
  • Amazon Listing Agency
  • Amazon Review Service Agency
  • Full-Service Amazon Agency
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  • Amazon Listing Optimization
  • Amazon Keyword Research
  • Amazon (PPC)Paid Advertising
  • Amazon Product Content
  • Amazon Storefront Design & Branding
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